At English Club, a stimulating learning environment is offered to students by highly qualified and experienced teachers who have actual experience teaching at Australian schools and have taught the Australian Curriculum. Our teachers have recognised qualifications in gifted education from renowned Australian universities and decades of experience in the HSC course. Special strategies are implemented to address the needs of students who are gifted and talented such as Williams Model, Kaplan and Bloom's Taxonomy.

We provide comprehensive English Courses at English Club, which adhere to the NSW Board of Studies English Curriculum and consequently the National Curriculum.

 English Club provides an empowering opportunity to school students to develop their skills and explore their abilities in written, spoken and visual textual form through the use of critical and imaginative approach to English language. Students' skills are individually developed in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing.

While our teaching style focuses on individual capacities and implements differentiation of the curriculum to accommodate students’ individual needs, our course work is sequenced and weighed to match an Academic Year requirements.

Students at English Club are placed in designated classes from Years 1 to 12, in accordance with their Academic School Year. Years 11 and 12 students are streamlined into Standard and Advanced classes. Students who are doing the English Advanced Course are grouped according to their individual schools or respective school course structure. We attempt to have them engaged with similar programs to the one studied at school; however, diversified and varied in an attempt to give it more depth. English Club is committed to placing small number of students per classroom; therefore, teachers are able to focus on students' individual academic needs.

English Club is committed to sustainable academic development and growth through constant research and study

We aim to offer an empowering experience to school students from Years 1 to 12 by providing exclusive parallel English and Maths courses with focus on curriculum enrichment for those who are gifted and talented.

Mission Statement