We enable our students to become critical and independent thinkers through a rigorous cycle of teaching and learning. Students' skills are individually developed in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing.


English Club does not prepare or write essays or any kind of work on behalf of students. It is an expectation at English Club that students acquire the literary skills through the proper cycle of teaching and learning. Student’s who use third party work and present as their own work are actually engaged in a shape of plagiarism. Plagiarism is immoral and considered as an academic dishonesty. Plagiarism can involve as well liability for copyright infringement. The Board of Studies NSW describe plagiarism as “when you pretend that you have written, created or developed a piece of work that someone else originated. It is cheating, it is dishonest and it will jeopardise your HSC results.” For more information, please refer to the following link from the Board of Studies NSW website.


All teachers at English Club are accredited and qualified. All of our teachers have actual experience teaching at Australian schools and have taught the Australian Curriculum. This prerequisite is necessary to guarantee that our courses adhere to the NSW Board of Studies English Curriculum, and consequently the National Curriculum.


English Club provides comprehensive English Courses, which adhere to the NSW Board of Studies English Curriculum. While our teaching style focuses on individual capacities and implements differentiation of the curriculum to accommodate students’ individual needs, our course work is sequenced and weighed to match the requirements of an Academic Year.


Success in the English course depends on students’ diligent work. We gauge students ability based on their school's outcomes and results.


Students are expected to read set texts thoroughly at least twice.

Students are expected to promote sustainable learning trough showing curiosity about human nature and how it works, seeking and valuing diversity, using unique talent and intelligence in their responses, and learning and applying innovative technological and non-technological tools.

Students are expected to be productive. They are to do their homework and fulfil all tasks set by the teacher.

Students are expected to be prepared to respond to questions when asked by the teacher.

The Centre implements a non-grading policy and adopts the meaningful feedback approach in formative and summative assessments. We take into consideration school reports as an indication of true development.


Teachers at English Club support our students’ schoolteachers and their schools. We encourage our students to follow and implement their schoolteachers’ methods of teaching and be actively responsive to their teaching styles. We understand that different teachers have different ways of approaching the English curriculum, which is enriching to the minds of our students and the whole teaching process.


Teachers at English Club do not teach their own school class students at the centre to avoid conflict of interest and favoritism. Subject coordinators are not to teach senior Year 12 students to avoid conflict of interest. If a student becomes a student of one of our teachers at their own school, English Club immediately transfers the student to one of our other classes with a different teacher in the same academic year, if available. Otherwise, the student will be placed back on the waiting list until such a place in one of the other classes is available. Credit is applied to the student’s account for any  lost days of the course due to this incident.


We take pride in our students’ academic achievements and therefore it is an expectation at English Club that all of our students show dedication to English studies. We endeavour to provide the right tools and environment for student development. Success in the HSC course depends greatly on students’ diligent work.


English Club course fees are payable per school term in advance. Fees are non-refundable, only except in case of extended hospitalisation or illness.